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Don’t be a Bully

In a world full of horses, don’t be afraid to be a unicorn According to, around 49% of kids grade 4-12 admit to having experienced bullying at school at least once in the month preceding the survey.1 Bullying can happen to anyone, although youth with special needs are at increased risk for bullying.1 This…

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Sensory Creatures with Sensory Diet needs

As parents we are conscious of our child’s sensory system likes and dislikes and often cater to them without even realizing. We rock them as a baby which is meeting their “vestibular need” or hug them when they are tired which provides input to their “proprioceptive” system that helps them to calm. What we are…

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Sensory/Calming Bottles

Sensory Bottles What a fun and easy activity to do in your home with your child! Calming bottles are great for sensory play and to calm an anxious child. What you will need:  A clear bottle with lid  food coloring  items you want to put in your bottle (beads, glitter, Legos) You decide!  water  baby…

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