Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

ABA focuses on how behaviors change, or are affected by the environment, as well as how learning takes place. Behavior refers to skills and actions needed to talk, play, and live day to day life. These principles impact everyone each day, they can be applied systematically through interventions to help individuals learn and apply new skills in their daily lives.

What is the goal of ABA?

To enhance the independence and/or quality of life for the individual.

Who is a candidate for ABA?

Most major insurances cover ABA services (with an Autism Diagnosis). Autism is diagnosed as early as 18 months and early intervention is key. Autism Scholarship could be used as well.

What does a day in the life of ABA look like?

Center-based, full day/half day and after school programs. We will follow a daily schedule that rotates every other day or so- including group activities, therapy sessions (1:1 teaching sessions), naturalistic approaches, circle time, arts/crafts/music/etc., lunch, and free time/access to reinforcers/break, also a time for outside providers (SLP, OT, PT). Throughout the day we focus on clients increasing communication, working on independence, decreasing maladaptive behaviors. A patient will work directly with an RBT therapist (registered behavior technician) and the BCBA (board certified behavior analyst) will oversee all programming, supervise sessions weekly, and update treatment plans. The ABA clinic will be about 10 individual rooms that would have 1-2 children in them. There is a large room that will be for group /social activities. There will be a decompression room for any child that needs a calming space. Children will receive therapy between 11-1 pm by OT,PT and/or speech on the therapy side if needed. If a child still takes naps, they would be in the half day program and go home to nap.

What is the process?

Patient’s doctor will need to send a referral directly to ABC Pediatric Therapy. ABC will then do the assessment and obtain the authorization from the insurance company after the assessment. Authorization can take 2 weeks – 1 month depending on insurance. We are credentialing with insurance now and will accept insurance policies as we are approved.


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